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Hello, bike world Empty Hello, bike world

Post by cpdesign on Thu 31 Jan - 1:02

Hello pbf, I'm an experienced rider of 1 year. I have a yamaha diversion xj600, this is my first bike and over the last year, i have enjoyed many runs around scotland on it. Over the winter months I started up a bike blog that includes bikes, gear, runs and other stuff. you can find it at www.aweerun.com I enjoy making it, i hope you all enjoy reading it. Cheers...

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Hello, bike world Empty Re: Hello, bike world

Post by G-force on Sun 3 Feb - 23:31

Your Blog is pretty good buddy. That Nexx carbon lid looks the mutz! I might be looking for one of them next time I'm in the market for a new lid.
How about sharing these items on the forum for all of us to see?
We need regular posters like yourself to keep the forum active and intersting for everyone.

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