i'm new to the world of biking

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i'm new to the world of biking Empty i'm new to the world of biking

Post by design22 on Fri 13 Apr - 3:47

Hi, my name is Carlo. I recently passed my test (December) and have been going runs here and there. Would like to go runs with other people as this is the best way to discover new runs and places to go. I have a yamaha xj600 diversion. How often do runs take place?


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i'm new to the world of biking Empty Re: i'm new to the world of biking

Post by G-force on Fri 13 Apr - 3:57

Hi Carlo, Welcome to the forum!
As it's still quite early in the season and the weather is so changable the runs haven't been as frequent lately.
We do try to get out most weekends even just for a run down the coast, so it's likely they will be more often soon.
Also the odd evening runs, keep your eye on the rideouts section and by all means if you are going out, post up when and where and others may join you.
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