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Post by cpdesign on Sat 18 Jan - 9:09

Anyone use app's on their mobile when out on the bike? I downloaded running apps, and stick the phone in my pocket when i'm out on the bike. It gives you good information, map of your route taken, average speed, top speed (70mph, honest), distance and because it's an exercise app, it gives you calories burned (not sure that part is entirely accurate). The app i use is Endomondo, which is free, but i found a new app just for motorbiking called "eat sleep ride", costs £2 but i think it might be good.

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app's for motorbiking Empty Re: app's for motorbiking

Post by G-force on Mon 27 Jan - 14:54

I've not used apps on the bike yet. But that sounds good. I do have an app called 'Best Biking Roads'. That shows all the best roads wherever you are. Also you can upload your favourite route too.

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