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Post by paul125 on Sun 26 May - 9:10

Hello I'm new to the roadbiking world although I have had several dirtbikes, just now I drive a jianshe js125-6b which I bought new just after I passed my cbt a month ago, I am head over heels in love with bikes on the road and I'm dying to get my direct access passed and out the way, what I would like to know is there anyone else on here who also has a 125cc bike and rides regularly? Today I took a wee trip to millport and then took the really long way home lol, tomorrow will be more of the same .... Love it , oh and why won't it let me post a picture of my bike ? Sad


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Post by G-force on Mon 27 May - 10:38

There's a delay for new members posting pics etc to stop the site getting spammed. Also we don't have any local storage for pics so the only way to share is to post the link from an external host i.e photobucket, YouTube etc.
Use the image or link buttons above the text box to add photos or vids.

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