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New bike hint's and tips Empty New bike hint's and tips

Post by cpdesign on Tue 15 Oct - 5:12

Hi PBF people
My brother traded in his Harley Electra glide for a 05 honda ST1300 pan european. The bike is in good condition but will need new tyres soon, anyone have one of these bikes or could recommend a good garage that sells tyres for cheap prices. I have used ride and fit in the past, but like to keep options open.


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New bike hint's and tips Empty Re: New bike hint's and tips

Post by G-force on Tue 15 Oct - 7:30

M&P online do some great deals for pairs of tyres. Not top of the range but still good. Maybe last years stock but you'd be looking at around £150 a pair. Then you just need someone to fit them. I suggest dynotech in hillington. They're reasonable. More about the love of bikes than ripping off punters.
Let us know how you get on.. :-)

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