Yamaha xj600 Diversion 98

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Yamaha xj600 Diversion 98

Post by cpdesign on Fri 1 Aug - 1:10

Hi All
I have a Yamaha Diversion xj600s 1998, I recently discovered an oil leak in the pipes coming from the oil cooler, when i tried to fix this the bolt threaded and nackered the oil cooler. I have been on some forums that say you can by-pass the cooler, as the American versions of this bike don't have them.
Could anyone shed some light on this problem. I would buy a new cooler and pipes, but the bike is not worth spending that much money on.


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Re: Yamaha xj600 Diversion 98

Post by Royster on Fri 1 Aug - 21:07

Not sure, worth seeing if you can get on an American site and see if they can give you and answer. Can you not tap the thread and be able to use it again? In linwood there a place called Hydro sun that do oil and hydraulic pipe connection and link pipes, they might be able to fix it or supply the connection you would need to by pass it.??

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Re: Yamaha xj600 Diversion 98

Post by G-force on Sun 3 Aug - 23:14

Bypassing the cooler sounds strange to me. scratch  Especially in America where temperatures can be much higher than ours. But if the earlier models didn't even have a cooler it must be possible! I assume just a link pipe from oil outlet and inlet would do the trick??
If the thread in your cooler is stripped, it may be possible to fit a helicoil to repair it. This would be the cheapest fix I think. You would drill the hole slightly bigger, tap it with a larger thread then screw in the helicoil which has an internal thread the same as the original.
Have you looked at second hand coolers? It might not break the bank to replace it with a used one?
Alternatively, You might also be able to get the original pipe fixing brazed into the cooler permanently. I'm sure there are places locally who could run a simple brazed weld round it.
Good luck!
Let us know how you get on.

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Re: Yamaha xj600 Diversion 98

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