Whats your Summer plans??

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Whats your Summer plans??

Post by Royster on Thu 10 Apr - 22:24

Right, who has got some summer ride outs planned?

Anyone got club meets or plans to go further afield?

Come on share your plans and ideas, you never know someone just might have a little something that helps you on your trip.

This is based on us actually getting a bloody summer!!! Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad 

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Re: Whats your Summer plans??

Post by cpdesign on Fri 11 Apr - 7:38

No Plans as yet, but i have heard talk about a heat wave from May to August...
I would like to tour around the east coast this year, i'm getting bored of Loch Lomond, no the place, just the long road you need to travel before getting to the good stuff, suppose the M8 won't be any more exciting. Anyone know of good places to go to east-side???

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Re: Whats your Summer plans??

Post by G-force on Sun 13 Apr - 4:38

Heat wave? May to August... I sure hope so!!
My plans are..
Yorkhill Easter Egg Run
Erskine bike Meet
Farmyard Party in June
PBF Rally in July (Once we finalise details)
MCR in Aug
Missing Stormin this year to spend 2 weeks touring Europe finishing at Glemseck101 Rally in Germany.
And as many day trips in between as possible!  Very Happy 

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Re: Whats your Summer plans??

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