Hein Gericke Administration AGAIN

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Hein Gericke Administration AGAIN

Post by cpdesign on Sun 22 Dec - 2:04

Hein Gericke has went in to administration again. I'm quite lucky as i spent all the cash i had saved on my loyalty card on a set of heated grips, but when I was in the store, they were pushing the gift vouchers, as they were giving a £10 extra with every £100, and a few customers were taking this deal up. Now they are not accepting these vouchers. They recommend contacting you Credit card company for this, if thats how you purchased them. Where else (apart from online shopping) is there to buy motorcycle clothing?

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Re: Hein Gericke Administration AGAIN

Post by G-force on Fri 27 Dec - 22:27

This doesn't surprise me. Although their kit is meant to be good quality I still think much of it is overpriced.
Other places 'locally' to buy bike stuff would be,
J&S in Hamilton
Firecrest in Glasgow,
Bikes on Parade, Glasgow..
Not sure of any others..

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