HEL Braided lines

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HEL Braided lines

Post by G-force on Tue 24 Jul - 11:36

I fitted a set of HEL braided lines to the Bandit. What a difference! The brakes used to feel a bit vague and spongy but now they're sharp and effortless. I also fitted a braided clutch line and to be honest it didn't make a huge difference. It is slightly lighter though.
But at the weekend I also fitted a set of shorty levers so now it's even better. They made a big difference to the clutch. Now it's light, and travel is reduced so the bite is shorter. That might take a bit more getting used to.. I predict a lot of stalling! Or wheelies!! Shocked

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Re: HEL Braided lines

Post by Blacklisted on Tue 7 Aug - 0:53

Braided lines are the way ahead mate! Lots more feel and no loss of pressure on either clutch or brakes! Plus they won't deteriorate like rubber lines!

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