BMW hits bike sales record

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BMW hits bike sales record

Post by Blacklisted on Thu 12 Jan - 7:15

Latest figures beat pre-recession high

BMW has revealed that worldwide it sold 104,286 bikes in 2011- beating the firm's 2007 record of 102,467.

The latest numbers show a 6.4% hike compared to 2010's sales which were already impressive given the tough time the motorcycle market has been having, particularly in the traditionally-wealthy nations where BMW makes the majority of its sales.

As if to prove the latest numbers aren't an artificial spike caused by promotions or any other variable, BMW says it recorded growth in its bike sales every month in 2011, peaking at 12.4% growth in December.

If you can bear another percentage-based statistic, the firm is also now claiming to have increased its market share in the over-500cc class by more than 12% during 2011.

However, it hasn't all been sunshine and joy for BMW, as its subsidiary Husqvarna continues to struggle. For 2011 Husky sales were just 9286 worldwide, down 23% on 2010's figures, although the recent introduction of the Nuda and Strada street-based bikes should help turn the company's fortunes around in 2012.

Taken as a whole, BMW is currently in a very happy place. As well as record bike sales the firm's car arm is growing fast, its MINI brand broke its own records and its Rolls Royce subsidiary sold more cars than ever before in its 107-year history. So presumably this financial crisis thing doesn't apply to BMW customers...

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